Cool Ways To Repurpose Your Old Smartphone

  We know you’re itching to upgrade to that new iPhone 7 or Google Pixel. But before you toss your old smartphone in the trash, we have some easy ways to squeeze more life out of your old smartphone. One really simple option that doesn’t require any new equipment is to turn it into iPod Touch style media device for the kids. No more sharing your phone for games, you...

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Velocity Clip On Good day Sacramento Discussing Cool Ways To Repurpose Old Phones

To find out more information about this segment or others like it, check out Nerds On Call, an onsite computer and laptop repair company.  Velocity Clip and Chest Mount -      

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New iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Video Accessories 2015 Must Have For Your Next Shoot

Tired of The Same Old Tripod Mounts and Monopods?  Try Something New Nothing kicks boring old iPhone 6 Accessories in the face better than these fresh new video mounts.  Wouldn't it be cool to film bike rides, hikes, and all other sports hands free with your iPhone 6 plus?  I bet you figured we would tell you now you can.  And you'd be right!  This cool device called the Velocity...

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Several New iPhone 6 Plus Accessories For The Bike, Bicycle Mounts everywhere you can think of!

Use This iPhone 6 Plus Accessory to Film From Every Bike Angle Possible, with just 1 tool.   Here we are going to demonstrate a bunch of different angles. Angle 1 : Bike Helmet Angle 2 : Bike Handlebars Angle 3 : Chest    Angle 1: The Helmet Mount For iPhone 6 Plus Is this for real?  Yep!  This mount called the Velocity Clip let's us stick our iPhone 6...

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How Does The iPhone 6 Plus Compare To The GoPro Hero 3, 4?

Time To Have Some Fun! I promise you'll be surprised how well your iPhone 6 plus can hold it's own against GoPro with video quality,  without getting too technical.  Here at Velocity Clip we don't like technical, we just like what we see.  Forget FPS, pixels, and blah blah. Just raw pictures and video.  First, in order to turn your iPhone 6 plus into an action camera, you need the...

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How To Take Videos with Your iPhone 6 & 6 Plus From Your Bike Handlebars

Not only a bike mount for GPS, but also video!  Did you know that despite the hundreds of junk-e phone holders out there, there's a bike mount for your iPhone 6 that let's you take sweet action footage?  Well, obviously after that first sentence you now know.  So this mount, called the Velocity Clip takes any smartphone in the entire world, and turns it into a first person POV action mount.  That...

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