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Velocity Clip is the world’s only universal smartphone video mount. It is a convenient and inexpensive way for you to film hands free with the smartphone you already own. Use your Android, iPhone, or compact digital camera. You can mount a Velocity Clip to your chest, head, bike, or any hard surface using four available accessories, a Head Mount, Chest Mount, Bike Handlebar Mount, or Adhesive Mount.


The Velocity Clip is also designed for use with any standard tripod or tripod mount accessories, including our own Suction Cup Mount and Monopole/Monopod.


Velocity Clip is produced using strong ABS materials and uses the same rubber materials used in NFL receiver gloves. The Velocity Clip has been user tested by jumping off 50ft cliffs into water, sky diving, and on motor vehicles well in excess of normal speed limits.


The Velocity Clip Story


The idea behind the Velocity Clip was born out of a search for a cheap alternative to the GoPro. Company founder, Swen, wanted to share his skiing adventures in Lake Tahoe with his friends and family back home, but being a college student, couldn't afford to buy an expensive device, especially when he was already carrying around a smartphone that would allow him to edit videos together without connecting to his computer.


The full story can be found on the Velocity Clip Blog


The Velocity Clip Advantages



Chances are, you own a smartphone. One of the biggest complaints in the accessories market is that with each phone upgrade the list of accessories that must also be upgraded can be quite extensive. The Velocity Clip is adjustable and can fit ANY smartphone, even with a protective case! So whether you like to bounce between Android and iPhones, or you are the type that simply must have the newest gadget to hit the market, you won't need to purchase a new mount each time. If you and your significant other have different phone models, you can share a Velocity Clip to hold your phone in the car for use as a GPS or hands-free speaker mount.



GoPro Compatibility

There are a wide range of accessories that are designed to fit the popular GoPro mounting system. The Velocity Clip is no exception. If you already have a GoPro chest mount, a Velocity Clip will snap in to it easily, opening you up to the video and editing functionality right from your phone! No need to use your computer to trim your shots down; no waiting to upload to YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. 



The Velocity Clip is affordable. We are between one-half to one-third of the cost of our competitors for a single unit. If you factor in the universality of our clip, preventing you from needing to purchase multiple units, as well as making your existing smartphone a functional point-of-view camera, negating the need to purchase a GoPro or other action camera, it's not hard to see how you could potentially save hundreds of dollars.


The current price for the Velocity Clip and accessories can be seen on our web store.



The Velocity Clip design is easy-to-use and can be operated by nearly all ages. The clip has a 180-degree angle of adjustment to capture that perfect POV shot.  As more apps are developed, and more functionality comes to our smartphones, the potential for the Velocity Clip increases. The Velocity Clip makes it possible to use your smartphone as a head/task light, bike headlight, GPS mounts for your car or bicycle, live streaming setup, TV/Video mounts in the car for the kids, hand stabilization for panoramic photos, music sampling and recording projects, even as a teleprompter when attached to a microphone stand!  The Velocity Clip is versatile, economical, simple to use, and the practical applications are only growing!



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