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One Mount for All Sizes

Buy Now * Velocity Clip fits any smartphone and digital camera, these are just a few examples.

Tripod Mount

Fit your Velocity Clip onto any standard tripod.

Rubber Grips

Adjustable to fit all smartphones, keeps your device 100% secure.

Angle Adjustment

Gives you a full 180 degrees of motion for the perfect angle.

Gear Clip

For easy clip-in and release between other mounts.

Velocity Clip allows you to transform your smartphone into a POV action camera.

Useful Applications

Velocity Clip allows you to mount any smartphone and camera, capture and share instantly to all your family and friends online. Mount it when you ride your bike, go skiing or snowboarding, or even when you need to take a group-selfie. Take a look at some of the ways people have been using Velocity Clip!

  • Robert Scott

    Velocity Clip & Chest Mount

  • Andrew Cain

    Velocity Clip & Adhesive Mount

  • Alvin Lin

    Adhesive Mount & Monopod