How Does The iPhone 6 Plus Compare To The GoPro Hero 3, 4?

Time To Have Some Fun!

I promise you'll be surprised how well your iPhone 6 plus can hold it's own against GoPro with video quality,  without getting too technical.  Here at Velocity Clip we don't like technical, we just like what we see.  Forget FPS, pixels, and blah blah. Just raw pictures and video.  First, in order to turn your iPhone 6 plus into an action camera, you need the Velocity Clip Adhesive Sticky Phone Mount or the Velocity Clip Bike Phone Mount to get it on the bike handlebars.  Once you've turned your iPhone 6 plus into a POV action style camera like the GoPro, time to compare!  One more thing guys, we're going to throw on a wide angle lens so we can fairly compete with the already super wide angle of the GoPro.  Anyway, let's get into it.  Below I've created a video that shows the video comparison between the two devices.  We compare it from the helmet mount angle, and the bike handlebar angle.  Check it out below;









First Impressions

Not all that bad for just a typical iPhone!  The video is very smooth, while the colors actually seem to be better than the GoPro.  The GoPro seems to have a better overall sharpness in the picture.  Compared to the iPhone 6 plus, the corners are a bit milky because the lens is a 180 degree lens that seems to cause blur.  However, it's not so terrible that the video is useless.  It's actually really not noticeable.  You can see that the top of the iPhone picture gets cut off a bit, that's because compared to the GoPro size it's much smaller.  But let's talk about the colors.  On the left, you can see that the colors on the iPhone 6 are very balanced, there's not a whole lot of dark and light contrast differences.  It's more "stabilized" color wise.  The GoPro on the other hand, is much darker overall, and also shows much darker shadows.  Personally, I prefer the more even light from the iPhone 6 and the wide angle lens.  This gives a more professional feel.  Since the iPhone 6 plus costs around $1000 out of pocket, you better believe there are some advantages over the $200 GoPro!  This is one of them.  A few other conveniences is that you can edit, upload, view, and share your videos right away.  Whereas with the GoPro you must return to an editing station before viewing your videos.  Not cool!  




Put your iPhone 6 Plus on The Bike Like A GoPro

If you're sold on turning your iPhone 6 Plus into a Bike POV or Helmet Camera in addition or alternatively to GoPro, you'll need to pick up the Velocity Clip & Bike Handlebar Mount mentioned earlier.  This holder is great for your phone, especially for filming POV videos.  It has an adjustable 180 degree angle so you can film in tons of different positions.  Nice thing about using your phone, you can run all your other useful apps, especially GPS and Cycle Tracking.  If you want to use a protective case, go ahead, it fits over any phone or any case.  



Helmet Mount For Filming The Background

The Helmet Mount is a very good angle to film from because of the steady subject in the shot, your head.  As the camera angle moves around, your head and helmet are always "stable" in the shot as the background changes behind you.  This is quite aesthetically pleasing and a favorite angle for us over at Velocity Clip.  If you ride with a bike helmet, this is an absolute must.  But if you are trying to choose between the two different mounting options, then take a few things into account.  If you like using GPS and other Apps while you're speeding down the hill, then grab the bike handlebar mount.  Otherwise, consider the helmet mount, because you can physically move your iPhone 6 plus for video anywhere on your helmet... front, back, sides, visor, etc.  So check out our product pages for even more mounting options!  


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