New iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Video Accessories 2015 Must Have For Your Next Shoot

Tired of The Same Old Tripod Mounts and Monopods?  Try Something New

Nothing kicks boring old iPhone 6 Accessories in the face better than these fresh new video mounts.  Wouldn't it be cool to film bike rides, hikes, and all other sports hands free with your iPhone 6 plus?  I bet you figured we would tell you now you can.  And you'd be right!  This cool device called the Velocity Clip will allow for all that.  Onto the specifics later.  Now you can film directly from your chest, helmet, bike handlebars, and any hard surface where you can stick an adhesive mount.  Not bad right?  These are cool accessories to have for your iPhone 6 plus because your phone is just so darn powerful.  Remember your slo-mo, hyperlapse, 60-120fps?  Well, not only do they look spectacular on videos, but they look even better on POV action videos.  We've even compared videos side by side to the GoPro camera, and folks let me be the first to tell you, it's even better than the GoPro camera!  So let's talk about these chest, helmet, and bike mounts.  (bonus at the end, 100% tripod compatible).




The Bike Handlebar Mount

Everyone loves bike rides!  But the problem is, nobody who isn't on the bike ride can ever have as much fun as you!  Easy solution, film your bike ride from the POV angle.  This way, all your friends can view your cool video later.  Get nice angles from forward and backward.  This should make for a fun video to watch.  If you aren't great at editing, just make sure you use 5-10 seconds clips switching between angles.  With this mount, it's really easy to capture different angles because it can swivel 180 degrees in the vertical direction.  So go ahead, take angles of the building passing behind your head, or the landscape in front of you.  All are interesting when you continue switching back and forth.  





The Trusty Phone Chest Mount

This mount always feels safe and secure because your precious iPhone 6 is sitting in this accessory that is right below your head.  So you always have extremely easy access to it.  But other than security, this chest mount gives one of the best places to film from.  Because the chest is essentially your POV, while you wave your hands in front of you, the iPhone 6 plus mounted on the chest will capture all hand movements, and anything going on directly in front of you.  This gives a pretty realistic perspective when filming.  In short, it looks cool.  And cool videos are more entertaining.  So be sure to pick up one of these in your iPhone 6 plus accessory collection.  Trust us, this is a must have and priority when choosing between all the available mounting options.  

Last But Certainly Not Least, The iPhone 6 Plus Helmet Video Mount... Whoa!

Actually, my personal favorite.  Mounting wise, it doesn't really matter which mounting angle your prefer, your iPhone 6 plus is always secure in all these mounts.  But for angle, I personally love the helmet angle.  A couple reasons is because during filming, there's always something solid to look at, the visor of my helmet.  Secondly, it's a true POV angle, you see exactly what my head and eyeballs are seeing, no that's cool. Third, your entire body stabilizes the shot when mounted to the helmet, and you get double the stabilization with the helmet itself, and triple the stabilization with the built-in iPhone hardware.  This makes for a ridiculously smooth video from your helmet view.  And believe me guys and gals, it looks awesome.  Run over to the Velocity Clip YouTube Channel and check out some of our videos from the helmet.  They won't let down!

As for The Previously Promised Bonus, This Clamp Fits All Tripods!  Check It Out Below:




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