How To Take Videos with Your iPhone 6 & 6 Plus From Your Bike Handlebars

Not only a bike mount for GPS, but also video!

 Did you know that despite the hundreds of junk-e phone holders out there, there's a bike mount for your iPhone 6 that let's you take sweet action footage?  Well, obviously after that first sentence you now know.  So this mount, called the Velocity Clip takes any smartphone in the entire world, and turns it into a first person POV action mount.  That basically means instead of buying an action camera, you can just use your phone.  Already have an action camera?  Consider that this mount is for the everyday user who just wants a few minutes of quick footage to send his buddies, or the mountain bike rider who just wants 10 minutes worth of action footage on the new trail they discovered.  It's just a bit overkill in these situations to have a expensive action camera on hand, also inconvenient.  Running to a computer to dump your new footage is kind of a hassle.  Your iPhone 6 plus already has a 4g connection ready to upload your videos in seconds.  Sweet deal right?  Anyways, it's a price quality and quality trade off.  Sure, you probably shouldn't do back flips with your dirt bike with your iPhone 6 plus, that's a better task for a professional action camera.  But if you're doing moderate activities, for $39.95 you can't go wrong.  

Mount it up!  So onto the directional...  Three simple steps:

1. Put your phone in the clamp with rubber grips. Tighten the grips down hard, don't be a sissy about it! If you don't get your phone in there tight enough it'll fall right out.
2. Clip the entire iPhone 6 plus and Velocity Clip combination into the bike handlebar mount. The bike handlebar mount is a double rubber grip double locking screw mount, so once you put it on, there's no need to take it off. You simply click this modular design in and out. 
3. Once it's all mounted up, you actually get to choose which angle to film from. Get a up or down view, film forward and backward, or just angle this bad boy down so you can get GPS navigation or heck, just watch TV while you're riding your bike! Disregard that last one. 
4. Once the angle has been chosen, start getting some cool action videos. Check out the Velocity Clip YouTube channel if you want to see some cool filming ideas.

Start Filming, and then some more

  • Yea you can start filming cool action POV videos now with just your iPhone 6 plus. Of course there's awesome SLO-MO and hyperlapse features to get your video even more jacked up.  But also try other apps.
  • Try running an app called Cyclemeter which is made just for your iPhone.  Yep, this app utilizes GPS, records speed, time, distance, etc.  You don't even need to watch the app while you're riding.  Check this one out.
  • How about an app that tracks calories burned?  Haha not bad if you're into losing weight or trying to hit a target body weight.  It's called Strava, also great for your iPhone.  
  • Live streaming lets your friends and family watch you... live!  Let them see the action.  Make yourself a link to the world wide web and go!  U-Stream.  
  • Of course, there's always standard old fashioned GPS to get you from A to B.  


But wait, there's even more.  

Here at the Velocity Clip team, we like our mounts, and we like a lot of them!  So we made it so you could film from over 10 different angles minimum.  If you get creative with our existing mounts, you can make it 100 angles.  But let's not get carried away just yet.  Here we demonstrate that you can easily mount your iPhone 6 to your chest so you can get true POV footage.  







Summing it all up

So we can make a few comparisons, and see some pros and cons to both using an action camera for filming or just your handy iPhone 6 plus.  But with all the great things you can do with just your iPhone 6, why not save the cash and utilize your favorite phone.  Check out the Velocity Clip at the top bar and click on products to see more.  Don't forget to check out all our other videos.  











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