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Story of Velocity Clip

The Velocity Clip is special in so many ways.  First, it is universal.  You can use any smartphone or compact digital camera to make your films.  You can use it on your head, chest, bike, or any hard surface that you want!  That benefit gives you triple the options of the current competitors on the market today.  The Velocity Clip caters to a huge audience, anyone who has a smartphone or a compact digital camera.  This product has so much potential because it's useful, economical, simple to use, and there are no limitations!  Try and think of one, and if you do, email it over to us, we're here to listen to you. 

About the Team:

Swen Duerigen
 Founder | CEO

 office: +1 (510) 237-5000
 email: info@velocityclip.com

"I have always been entrepreneurial minded.  During college I started an e-commerce venture for a well established company that exceeded in sales expectations.  After graduation, this landed me a full the time job that I created during college.  This time helped me think a lot about what I wanted from my career.  Truth is, I needed to work on new and exciting products.  One day it hit us; The Velocity Clip was going to change the entire industry!  This was innovative, useful, economical, and better than anything on the market today!  My work on Velocity Clip was chaos: 12-15 hour work days, all-nighters, directing personal resources, being completely broke, with failure always lurking around the corner...  Guess what?  I was having fun!  Putting all your effort into something you enjoy doesn't even feel like work!  This was the turning point knowing that pursuing innovative projects is something I want to do for the rest of my life."

 Andrew Cain
 Managing Partner | COO

 office: +1 (510) 237-5000
 email: info@velocityclip.com


"From a young age I was always told I had a very strong business acumen. At the age of 13 I co-founded a Laundromat, and by age 15, was running an international poultry breeding company. I graduated from CSU Chico with a BS in Business Administration with an influence in Marketing and a Professional Sales Certificate. After college I went to work for a Fortune 300 company as a District Manager in an outside b2b sales role. Since extreme sports is a huge part of my life, joining Velocity Clip was a no brainier  I jumped on board full time with Velocity Clip in 2013. I am excited to work for such a fun company and be a member of the Velocity Clip team. Now I do all the activities I already loved doing and I get to call it work."

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