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One Bike Mount For POV Videos, GPS, and all other APPS

Ready to start filming all your fun rides with your smartphone?  This mount fits all iPhones (even 6 Plus models), Samsung Galaxy, Sony, Nokia Lumia phones, etc. You name the phone, it fits!  The best POV camera is the one you already have in your pocket.  This handlebar mount is a great choice because it fits all bikes, motorcycles, snowmobiles, scooters, and even some small roll bars. It works for all sports, in any type of weather.   Using your phone to capture action videos is all about convenience and quality.  Your phone's are capable of shooting beautiful HD video even sometimes at 60FPS, so take advantage of all these features.

This package includes: 

  • 1 Velocity Clip – This is the mount that holds your phone or camera. It is compatible with all other Velocity Clip accessories. 
  • 1 Bike Mount Accessory 

Benefits & Features

  • Compatible with all smartphones, even future models.
  • Allows for hands-free filming, at all angles forward and backward.
  • Secure rubber grips ensure the phone won't fall out.  Use in all types of terrain.
  • Designed to leave the screen free, so you can use the controls on your phone and watch your video live. 
  • Equipped with a 1/4-20" tripod thread adapter for tripod mounting.

Use Your Phone the Way It's Supposed To Be Used During Rides:

The Mount is 180 degrees adjustable, so you can use it for all applications!  Try these:
Videos - Film at 60fps with your iPhone 6 or Galaxy S6.  Film fast & slo-mo, hyper lapse, add effects, and even cut & edit your videos right away straight from your phone.  
GPS - Google & Apple maps, pinpointing your trails, live tracking & more.  
Live Streaming - Try streaming your video live to thousands of fans (if you're famous), but if not, live stream your video to the web and let your friends and family watch.  
Trail Tracking - You can actually map out the trails you ride every day to create fun rides to share with your friends, then you can race each other later.
Speed, distance, and rate monitoring - Try exercising with a calorie burning app that tracks your speed and heart rate.  
Bike Light - If you forgot your bike light at home, toss your phone into the Velocity Clip and use the flashlight app temporarily until you can get it, that way you won't get a traffic ticket!




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