Iphone and Android Helmet Camera

Turn the Iphone, Android, or Windows Phones that is already in your pocket into a powerful helmet cam using the Velocity Clip!

Turn Your Phone Into A Helmet Cam

To use your camera phone as a helmet cam you will need to by the Velocity Clip +Adhesive Mounts. This package comes with 1 Velocity Clip, 1 Flat Adhesive Mount, and 1 Curved Adhesive Mount. With the Flat and Curved sticky mounts you will have a mount that will best fit the curvature of your particular helmet. If you are wanting to mount your Velocity Clip to multiple helmets we suggest you pick up a pack of Extra Adhesive Mounts. This package comes with 3 Curved Adhesive Mounts and 3 Flat Adhesive Mounts.

This set up works for all sports helmets! Downhill mountain biking helmets, motorcycle helmets, cycling helmets, skateboard helmets, sky diving helmets, skiing and snowboarding helmets. No matter what sports you are into these mounts will work for you!


Universal Helmet Camera

Velocity Clip is totally universal so it will work with any smartphone on the market. If you are worried about damaging your phone the Velocity Clip will also accommodate all protective cases. Just through your phone in an OtterBox, BodyGlove, or protective case of your choosing.


There are many advantages to using your phone. Your phone has a display screen so you can view the angle of your shot, and review your videos instantly after recording. With your phone you can also upload and share instantly to your favorite social media site through a 3G/4G connection. Velocity Clip is a great alternative to the GoPro and JVC Contour cameras. For 1/8th of the price you can use the HD camera you already own.


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