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Phoneography and iPhoneography

Phoneography and IPhoneography are a rapidly expanding technology market. In the 21st century no one leaves home without their cell phone. There are now more mobile phones than land lines across the world. These days it seems like almost everyone is making some kind of accessory lenses and attachments for iPhone’s. A quick Google search will bring up 100 different lens made for iphones. Everything from telescopic lenses, wide angle lenses, to polarized fish eye lenses. 1000’s of tripod mounts and camera enhancing applications are also readily available.

Even the phone manufactures have caught on to this trend. Manufacturers like Samsung and Nokia have prided themselves on offering high quality cameras in their phones. Now Apple has joined this technology race and is delivering increased camera quality and camera settings in its new iPhone 5. All of the most popular camera phones now offer 13 megapixel cameras. Now the tiny camera phone that stays in your pocket or purse is more powerful than last year’s DSLR cameras.


Point of view camera equipment

At Velocity Clip we pride ourselves on making universal high quality point of view camera equipment for smartphones. In short, think GoPro but with the phone that is already in your pocket. We take pride on making all of our products as universal as possible. This ensures they will work for any smartphone. Android, iPhone, Windows Phones, Droid, Samsung, Lumia, etc…


                      *photos courtesy of Andrew Cain

The Velocity Clip line currently includes 8 accessories that allow users to shoot awesome photos and videos of their favorite activities. On our products page you will find the Velocity Clip as well as our line of accessories including Chest Mounts, Head Mounts, Handlebar Mounts, Adhesive Mounts, Telescoping Monopod, Suction Cup Mounts, Tripod Mounts, and Wide Angle Lenses.


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Xoint of view camera equipment

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