Velocity Clip Reviews from Around the Web

One of our favorite things to do here at Velocity Clip HQ is seeing how our customers use the Velocity Clip and various mounts to capture their adventures, big and small. 


We especially love when our customers take the time to tell their friends and social networks about the clip and it's ease of use with any smartphone. 


Sometimes our customers post fantastic tutorials on making great videos with your smartphone, like this one from Some Cool Tech on "How to Shoot Great 4K Video Using Your Smartphone & the Velocity Clip."



Michael Adams over at posted some nice behind-the-scenes photos from a recent shoot we did together:


The footage we got that day was just spectacular!




The Gear Nuts offer a pretty extensive review of several of our accessories. They tested the clip out with their GoPro as well, proving that our design works with all kinds of devices, not just your smartphone!


 "The Clip has a simple, rugged design that stands up to the jarring conditions that would shake most other mounts loose. This clip and mount system is designed to be versatile and there is a type of mount or piece of gear for absolutely any application. Keep adding gear and you keep adding options as the interchangeable parts reconfigure." -


Will Nitz has a nice review up on The Gearographer, giving us a 4.25 rating (out of 5). 


"If cash is standing in your way from capturing all those gnarly POV shots, this Velocityclip is the way to go." -



Have you written a review or posted a cool video using the Velocity Clip? Let us know via Facebook or Twitter!


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