GoPro vs iPhone Video Quality

We get asked all the time about the video quality of smartphones vs pov cameras like GoPro and Contour. There are a lot of variables in deciding which is better. These include, which device you own, the video settings of your device, and the conditions such as lighting, etc…


Your smartphone offers better video quality and features than a GoPro Camera

Overall we have concluded that most cell phones now offer better video quality than GoPro cameras. iPhone and Samsung both offer higher megapixels, faster fps (frames per second), more video quality control (if you are worried about running out of memory), more exposure controls, generally better low light performance, built in image stabilization, and now even better quality slow motion video!


Instead of boring you with technical data which we don’t really even understand ourselves, here are a few side by side videos that show the differences. We will let you decide!


Benefits to Recording with Your Cell Phone

Benefits of using the smart phone that is already in your pocket include:

  • Better video quality
  • More memory (external memory if you an Android with a SD card)
  • Better slow motion videos
  • Built in image stabilization
  • Better battery life (even the worst phones equal GoPro's battery life)
  • More accessories are available for smartphones (like wide angle lenses, remotes, etc..)
  • Display screens to adjust the angle of your shot before recording
  • Ability to watch your videos right after recording
  • Upload and share instantly

Buy a POV mounting system like the Velocity Clip and turn your the phone that is already in your pocket into a GoPro style action camera.


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