Velocity Clip POV Action Camera Mount for Smartphones

The Velocity Clip product line is constantly expanding and evolving due to the huge demand from our loyal customers. Many of you have noticed we have released several new products in the last few months. We have created and sourced these products from the feedback customers like you have given us!  It may very well be possible you missed one of our new products or have questions about it. The Velocity Clip Product Highlight will give each of our products its own time in the spot light. Today we will be highlighting the Velocity Clip!


The Story of Velocity Clip

Velocity Clip was born on a mountain side in Lake Tahoe, California on a ski trip with two friends from California State University Chico. We wanted to film our snowboarding trip with the 1080P HD cameras we already owned… our cell phones! As college students we didn’t have $399 to spend on GoPro’s. We got online to look for cheaper alternatives and found there were some products for iPhones, but these were also expensive and wouldn’t work for our phones. The problem was we both had Android phones, and two different models at that. We wanted a product that wouldn’t be rendered useless every time we upgraded our smartphones. This eliminated the possibility of the protective case style design that all our competitor’s use. This also meant our design would have to accommodate necessary protective cases. So we set out to design a product that would work with ANY smartphone and could accommodate any protective case. Thus the beginnings of Velocity Clip was born!



Turn Your Phone Into a POV Camera

Velocity Clip is a universal POV camera mount for smartphones. It allows you to turn the smartphone that is already in your pocket into a powerful action camera. Now your cell phone can act as your dash cam, helmet cam, pov camera, or even your bike mounted GPS unit!

Every Velocity Clip comes with:

  • 1 Flat Adhesive Mount and 1 Curved Adhesive Mount
    • These sticky mounts are great for helmets, car and truck dashboards, and other hard surfaces.
  • Tripod Mount
    • This allows you to mount your cell phones securely to any tripod
  • Modular foot design
    • This allows users to clip the mount into all the accessories we make without the need for tools.
  • Rubber Grips
    • Key to keeping your phone secure during even the most extreme activities
  • 180* angle adjustment
    •  Ensures your camera is optimally located to capture the action.
  • Adjustable from 2” to 3 7/8”
    • This means it will work for even the largest phones and protective cases! We’ve even tested it with a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in an OtterBox case!


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