Hands-free Filming with Velocity Clip

All smartphones now feature video recording in 1080p HD. That's great and all, but when you're rocketing down a gravelly or snowy slope at warp speed or even pushing your kids on a swing at the playground, it's safe to say both your hands are going to be spoken for. That's where the Velocity Clip Smartphone Video Mount comes in.

Velocity Clip is an accessory for your smartphone that transforms the phone you already own into an amazing hands-free POV video camera. It allows bikers, skateboarders, hikers, snowboarders, and parents at the playground with their kids to conveniently record all of your experiences. With Velocity Clip you can record all of your special moment’s hands free!

Best of all Velocity Clip is totally universal. Velocity Clip will hold any smartphone on the market. Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Nokia, protective case, no case…no matter what is in your pocket we’ve got you covered! We’ve even tested it with the Galaxy Note III with an Otter Box case (that’s the largest phone on the market and one of the biggest cases)! 

It adheres solidly to any hard, smooth surface and will keep your smartphone optimally located for video capture while you focus on enjoying the moment. It's been tested up to 150 mph, under water, as well as in jarring conditions that would see any conventional mount shaken loose. Attach it to your helmet, it to your dashboard, tripod, attach it pretty much anywhere and get ready to capture all of the fun!


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