Universal Smartphone Tripod Holder Velocity Clip | Works with Android and iPhone

Tripods are great for digital cameras, but they don't seem to make tripods for smartphones.  Why?  Because there's no 1/4 - 20 tripod threads attached to a smartphone!  Well how do we stick our phones into any standard tripod?  We do it with the Velocity Clip!  After all, smartphones are the most popular method of capturing pictures today with their increasing power and quality.  The Velocity Clip is a universal mount for any phone that allows you to mount to any standard tripod.  Let's take a closer look at the Velocity Clip to see how it does this: 


Now you can take your smartphone and have access to all the tripods in the entire world!  Recording videos has never been easier.  But wait, it gets even better.  Here's a couple different mounts you can couple with the Velocity Clip:

Monopod Telescope Pole Mount

This guy allows you to grab your smartphone with Velocity Clip, then mount it to the top of the telescope.  Since the monopod has standard tripod threads you can attach it to any digital camera as well.  You simply extend the pole and boom, you've got an angle of yourself! These pole mounts usually run about $20. Check out the pics of this snowboarder using the monopod:

Suction Mount 

Like the Monopod, this suction mount has tripod threads so the Velocity Clip will fit right into it.  Now you can mount your smartphone easily to your car dash, windows, or even the hood.  Utilize your GPS and other driving features, or just film the road on your beautiful countryside drives.  Take a look at the suction mount here, you can pick it up for about $20.  



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