Phone Chest Mount: Strap Your Android & iPhone Right to Your Chest

Nowadays people want to capture videos from all angles.  One of the most popular angles is from the view of your chest.  It gives off a natural perspective which allows the viewer to experience everything the filmmaker is in first person.  Velocity Clip has built a chest mount for your phone so you could do just this.  The whole unit itself costs about $49.95.  That is a fraction of the cost most camera companies charge for a decent chest mount unit.  There are even some competitors pricing their phone chest mounts as high as $180+.  The Velocity Clip phone Chest Mount is all you need to film your favorite activities.  Fishing and riding your bike on a cycling tour are all great activities that you should have a chest mount for.     

Protecting your phone in the Velocity Clip Phone Chest Mount

One concern some people have is how to properly protect their phone inside of the Velocity Clip.  Easy solution!  All you need to do is slap on your favorite protective case whether it be waterproof or shock proof depending on your application.  SnowLizard makes a great waterproof case for iPhones, it even has a solar charger!  But now we're getting off topic.  Once your phone is inside of a protective case, then you are covered.  The Velocity Clip is designed to accept all sized smartphones even when they're inside of cases.  So this means you can stick anything you want on there even wacky stylish cases.   For fishing or just riding your bike around the block, protecting your phone may not be necessary.  But if you're racing your skis down the hill or driving your dune buggy through the mud, then you should start considering slapping a case on your phone.  The Velocity Clip won't magically make your phone waterproof and impact proof, although it is guaranteed to hold your phones in most extreme activities.  

Getting the right perspective angle

It can be tricky to get the right angle while filming.  Most of the time you'll be aiming the camera too high or too low if you have a fixed position mount.  Luckily we've developed our chest mount so you can easily adjust the angle, even up to 190 degrees.  You can even flip the chest mount backwards if you want to film yourself and get a "me" angle.  We make sure that you can experiment and get the exact angle you need.  No more wasted videos and footage of the ground or the sky!   If you have any questions about this chest mount that we've developed, give us a call!  Here's some footage enjoy:



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