GoPro® Too Expensive? Try This Unexpected Cheap Alternative

Sometimes buying a GoPro® can be overkill.  The Camera itself costs about $199.00 minimum for the basic package and any other accessories to enhance your mounting can run you over $300 easy.  How about using the smartphone that is bumping around in your jeans?  You read correctly.  Your smartphone shoots in 1080p which almost matches GoPro.  Well how do we mount it? Here's the cheap alternative to a GoPro camera,  the Velocity Clip for about 40 dollars.  If you're thinking there's no way my smartphone could be as powerful as a GoPro... then think again.  Your smartphone whether it be an Android or iPhone, is more powerful than a GoPro.  Why?

How is my smartphone more powerful than a GoPro action camera?

  • Your smartphone has internet capabilities so you can share to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo just to name a few.  
  • Your smartphone has a screen so you can gain perspective on your video instantly.
  • You can edit, delete, share, stabilize, and view your videos right away.

GoPros can't do any of this unless you bring it to a device to where you can remove your videos.  There's many more reasons why your smartphone is a better option.  But overall, with all the apps you can snag on your smartphone, there's probably an endless list of possibilities .  What about mounting options?  Well the Velocity Clip team has got you covered on that.  We built head mounts, bike mounts, chest mounts, telescope pole mounts, and even suction mounts that are capable of holding any smartphone.  Funny enough, we even made these compatible with GoPro in case there's ever a time where a user wants to use their phone instead of their POV camera.  

What about the wide angle lens perspective?

To GoPro features a beautiful wide angle that allows most of the picture to be captured.  Well we've got you covered on smartphones too.  You can easily purchase a wide angle lens for about $20 that expands the width of any smartphones camera.  The way these guys work is you simply attach an adhesive magnet to your smartphone then couple the lens with the magnet and you're done!  These guys don't fall off either unless you remove them.  We've cruised down some of the bumpiest bike trails we could find and to our amazement these lenses never fell off.  They come with extra magnet adhesives in case you want to remove them so these are great for long term use.  In fact, the wide angle lens isn't the only tool you can purchase to enhance your picture, check out some fish eye lenses and color lenses also.  So overall, you can pick up a Velocity Clip and wide angle lens and get away with having an GoPro alternative for about $60, while doubling the capabilities you have.  

Don't get us wrong, the GoPro is not always overkill.  Professional skydivers, highly extreme sports athletes, and cliff jumpers need rugged and expensive cameras.  If you require a professional high grade camera then by all means, purchase one.  But if you're like most, and you just want to film your afternoon bike ride, the kids at the park, or your drive on the backroads, then the Velocity Clip is the cheap alternative for you.  



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