Samsung Smartphone Bike Mount, Samsumg Galaxy S4 Bike Mount GPS Video

More Power to the Rider

This Samsung Galaxy S4 Bike Mount was built for taking awesome videos, using GPS, and taking advantage of all your smartphone applications while cycling.  This mount runs about $39.95 and comes with a completely universal handlebar mount and phone mount.  The beauty of this particular mount, Velocity Clip, is the capability to hold any smartphone.  This means that if you upgrade your phone or stick a custom protective case on it, it'll still fit inside.  Since the bike mount itself is also universal, that means you aren't restricted to put it in a fixed spot.  You can move the mount left, right, center, forward or backward.  This allows the rider to find the perfect sweet spot for filming or just keeping it out of their line of sight.  In the video below, the user demonstrates the simple process of clicking in the smartphone to the bike mount clip.  


Why Mount Your Samsung Galaxy S4 to Your Bike?

Everyone has their own unique reason for why they want to securely fasten their Samsung Galaxy S4 to their bike, but in case you aren't sure or feel like you want to get more bang for your buck, here's a few suggestions:

  1. Filming - Obvious one here, film your beautiful bike rides and remember them forever.  With your Samsung Galaxy S4, you can easily share and upload your memories to Facebook other social media sites.  
  2. GPS - Never get lost!  Take up the opportunity to film and use GPS at the same time.  While you are filming your videos, your GPS can be speaking to you directly and giving you directions on the go!  Two birds with one stone.  
  3. Live Streaming - Here's an interesting one that not a lot of people seem to use.  Using cool free apps like U-Stream, people can start a stream that all your friends can log into and watch you, live!  Your friend can be sitting in Australia enjoying your bike ride right there with you.  If you're a celebrity, this is perfect because you'll probably get thousands of people watching your live stream... maybe in your dreams right? 
  4. Trail Logging - Really cool bike apps allow you to track your rides with distance and speed and sometimes even map your ride.  Take advantage of this and you can see the mapping system in real time.  If it's in your pocket, you're missing out on all the fun.

Don't miss all these opportunities to mount your Samsung Galaxy S4 to your bike.  It's too much fun not to.  Most of the mounts we've researched were a bit pricey, have some cool features but are missing the basics:  Being able to record video, adjust angles, universal smartphone capabilities, or having the choice of where to mount the phone on your bike.  This is where Velocity Clip shines through.  A bonus to the Velocity Clip is that you can also mount to other accessories like the adhesive mount for helmets, chest mount, head mount, pole mounts, and even suction mounts.  Check us out more!  



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