Velocity Clip iPhone and Android Handlebar Mount for Video and GPS

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Handlebar Mount for POV Video Overview

The Velocity Clip product line is constantly expanding and evolving due to the huge demand from our loyal customers. Many of you have noticed we have released several new products in the last few months. We have created and sourced these products from the feedback customers like you have given us!  It may very well be possible you missed one of our new products or have questions about it. The Velocity Clip Product Highlight will give each of our products its own time in the spot light. Today we will be highlighting the Velocity...

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Universal Smartphone Tripod Holder Velocity Clip | Works with Android and iPhone

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Tripods are great for digital cameras, but they don't seem to make tripods for smartphones.  Why?  Because there's no 1/4 - 20 tripod threads attached to a smartphone!  Well how do we stick our phones into any standard tripod?  We do it with the Velocity Clip!  After all, smartphones are the most popular method of capturing pictures today with their increasing power and quality.  The Velocity Clip is a universal mount for any phone that allows you to mount to any standard tripod.  Let's take a closer look at the Velocity Clip to see how it does this: 


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