How to Mount Your Phone to a Tripod

Posted by Aaron Harris on

Universal Smartphone Tripod MountThe Velocity Clip includes standard tripod threading; you can easily attach it to your existing tripod base. 

There's no reason to go out and buy a new point and shoot camera when you're already carrying an HD phone in your pocket!

The Velocity Clip accommodates any size phone, even if you've got a bulky case like an OtterBox on it. 

When you're ready to get more active, we have a wide variety of accessories, including a chest mount, handlebar mount, head mount, and suction cup mount, that make taking point of view video and photos a breeze.

We've even got the monopod, which makes taking selfies super easy.

Protip: many phones, including the iPhone will allow you to take a photo using the controls on your earbuds. You don't need to struggle to reach the screen, just plug in your headphones and click the volume control button. SNAP!


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