Product Highlight Velocity Clip Extra Adhesive Mounts

Product Highlight Velocity Clip Extra Adhesive Mounts

 The Velocity Clip product line is constantly expanding and evolving due to the huge demand from our loyal customers. Many of you have noticed we have released several new products in the last few months. We have created and sourced these products from the feedback customers like you have given us!  It may very well be possible you missed one of our new products or have questions about it. The Velocity Clip Product Highlight will give each of our products its own time in the spot light. Today we will be highlighting the Velocity Clip Adhesive Mount!


Every Velocity Clip comes with two these mounts, 1 flat and 1 curved Adhesive Mount. We also sell an accessory pack of 6 Extra Adhesive Mounts, 3 flat and 3 curved. This way you will never run out of sticky mounts!


The Adhesive Mounts are great for any hard surface. We use an industrial grade 3M VBH adhesive that ensures once you place one of these mounts it’s not going anywhere! They are even water resistant! Just select the mount that best fits the curvature of the item you are sticking it to.


  • Turn your smartphone into a bike helmet cam, skiing helmet camera, or attach it to your skydiving helmet and film yourself jumping out of a perfectly good airplane!
  • Use the sticky mounts and turn your cell phone into a dash camera for your car or truck.
  • Mount it to your Jeep or 4x4 and shoot some awesome trail videos.
  • Stick it to the hood of your race car and shoot some crazy POV footage of your races.
  • Parents, pop an Adhesive Mount onto your baby’s favorite toys and see the world from their view.
  • Grab your favorite waterproof case and mount your phone to your surfboard, boat, Jet Ski, or kayak!

The uses for this mount are truly unlimited!




Removing an Adhesive Mount

When you want to remove one of these mounts grab a hairdryer and heat it up with the Velocity Clip attached, and pry the mount sideways. This will remove the mounts without damaging the surface it has been stuck to. The mounts have also been designed not leave any residue after removal.


Tips for Application

Make sure the surface you are mounting one of these bad boys to is clean! We always recommend cleaning the surface with alcohol before affixing the mount. This is especially important on vehicle dashboards where lots of protective oils (like Armor All) are used. Also make sure the surface is dry before application. We do not recommend reusing these mounts after they have been stuck on a surface. We have made them as cheap and affordable as possible, so go ahead and just pick up an extra pack!


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