Velocity Clip Turns your Smartphone Into a GoPro®

Imagine if you could turn the smartphone that's in your pocket into a GoPro® camera.  Well, now you can, for the reasonable price of $39.95. The team over at Velocity Clip has build a universal mount that allows you to film from all the same angles as a standard GoPro®.  Some of these angles include the chest view, head view, or even bike handlebar mount view.  Check out the picture and notice that you can easily mount it to your helmet, even cars of the like.  What's even better about the Velocity Clip adhesive mounts?  They are GoPro compatible. 

Helmet Mount

Basically these mounts are the adhesive mounts and come in two forms of curved and flat.  The curved one's are used on helmets that are almost always rounded, objects like motorcycle surfaces that feature rounded edges, and even some rounded windshields.  Don't worry about the safety of your phone, because the team has tested these on motorcycle helmets well exceeding 120 mph.  

Bike Mount

The bike handlebar mount is an extra accessory that is purchased for about $19.95, so you must first buy the Velocity Clip in order to use all the additional mounts.  Anyway, when mounted to the bike mount the user can either angle the camera forward or backward depending on the desired angle.  If you're wondering why on earth would I want to film backward?  Well a very popular angle these days is for the user to actually film themselves while riding.  This gives the viewer something stationary to look at especially if the bike trail is a little bumpy, plus if the person is easy on the eyes then it's a bonus.  


Chest Mount

A rugged and secure way to mount your phone while still capturing an amazing angle, the chest mount.  This accessory runs about $29.95 and is made from the strongest polyester straps.  This mount is adjustable for large and small, even fits on some dogs!  The chest mount acts as though your very own eyeballs are seeing from your chest.  Works great when riding bikes, skiing down slopes, or even just tossing around some horseshoes.  Check this video out:



Head Mount

The most popular thing we see the head mount used for is snowboarding.  If you're the type of person who can't stand wearing a helmet then the head mount is the right accessory for you.  It fits well over beanies and hats and is secure enough to hold even the largest or most weighted down phones.  We've even seen some practical users for the head mount including work scenarios where supervisors monitored there workers via live steaming.  Supervisors were able to guide their workers and trainees through working on complex systems.  Let us know what you use the head mount for?  






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