Velocity Clip & Helmet Strap Mount

  • $25.00

Compatible with all smartphones, cases, and even GoPro.  This package comes with the Velocity Clip Smartphone Mount and the Helmet Strap Accessory.

This mount is compatible with all helmets including:

  • Motorcycle
  • Snowboard / Ski
  • Skateboard
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Bike 

Use this as an alternative to the adhesive mounts.  You can mount this over your head, hats, beanies, etc.  The sticky grips on this ensure a secure fit directly onto your helmet (lined with rubber grips on the inside strap), totally adjustable to fit small heads and large helmets.

  • Fully adjustable strap
  • 180 degree vertical adjustment allows you to film from different angles
  • Easy clip in-n-out method, access your phone in seconds.  
  • The Velocity Clip Mount holds your phone securely even during rough rides

See below the different angles of how to mount your phone:

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