Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge Bike Handlebar Mount for Filming Your Rides

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A Seamless Mount That Turns Your Galaxy S6 into a Powerful Action POV Camera.  

 If you've been thinking about buying a bike camera, forget about it.  Your Samsung Galaxy S6 is already equipped with one of the most powerful cameras on the market.  For the fraction of a price of an action camera, you can mount your phone to your bike, and start filming videos right away, and even watching and uploading them in seconds.  The S6 shoots 60fps, at insanely high pixels and resolutions.  So if you were thinking about buying an action camera like GoPro, it's just become useless!  

  • Cost - roughly $1,000 out of pocket - Galaxy S6
  • Cost - roughly $200 standard - Action Camera

You've already spent big money on your phone.  It's already equipped with a better quality action camera than the market standard.  So now this mount can turn your phone into an action camera.  


Compatible With All Samsung Galaxy & Note Models, and Cases

This is a truly universal mount, it will fit whatever phone is sitting in your pocket right now.  It also fits right over any protective case you might have.  Go ahead and customize your phone to your liking, and the mount will fit like a glove.   Choose whatever angle you want to film at.  If you want to film with your front or rear camera, go ahead.  Just angle the swivel mount up and down, you've got a full 180 degrees to play with.  Make sure to experiment with the angles that best suit you.  And remember that it works with every phone, whether it's the Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S4, S5, or S6 / Edge, Note 2, 3, and 4. 



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