Samsung Galaxy S6 and S5 & Note 3, 4 Bike Handlebar Mount POV filming & Other Cycling APPS, Film Your Cool Bike Rides or Just Use GPS.

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The Samsung Galaxy S & Note Bike handlebar Mount 

Start filming cool videos,  this is the ultimate cradle for holding your phone on your bike handlebars!  Simply fasten your phone into the rubber grips of this mount, click it into the bike handlebar mount, then start your riding journey!  Don't feel limited with this mount.  It works with all smartphones and all cases.  Use all your fun Apps like filming, GPS, uploading and sharing to YouTube and other social media sites.  This holder is designed for all types of terrain.  Ride downhill off-road, or just go cycling on the pavement.  Either way, you're covered.  Made from high quality ABS materials, your phone is safe and sound.  With multiple angles to mount your phone, you're sure to capture all the fun angles of your rides.  Film forward and backward, and don't forget to film in the reverse so you can view yourself riding!

universal samsung galaxy S5 S6 note video mount

Fits All Smartphones, Bike Handlebars and Roll Cages Up To 1.25" in Diameter

Whether you're using this on your bike, or any pipe shaped object for that matter (roll cages), this clamp will fit up to 1.25".  Standard handlebar sizes do not exceed 1.25" in diameter.  If for some reason you have larger non-standard handlebars, then you can always pick up longer replacement screws.  So in a nutshell it fits:

  • Every Smartphone on the market, any dimensions
  • Every Protective Case on the market, any dimensions
  • Handlebars and Roll cages up to 1.25"

So toss on your otterbox defender case, or whatever other protective case you prefer to use.  And go for a rough ride down the mountain!

samsung galaxy s5 s6 edge bike handlebar mount

 Mounting as easy as one, two, three

We made this mount especially easy to clip into your handlebars and clip out.  A quick and easy way to access your phone.  If you get a phone call on the road, it's a simple click out mechanism that will put your phone back in your hand in a split second.  No complicated messy and lengthy mounting times.  Also adjusting the angle of your shot only takes a few adjustments on the knob to allow you to choose any angle up to 180 degrees


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