iPhone Helmet Camera Mount for POV Action Videos

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Turning your iPhone into an Action Sports Camera 

The best way to mount your iPhone to your helmet.  Why would you want to mount your smartphone to your helmet for videos when you can go buy an action camera?  Simply, convenience and quality.  Your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy have incredibly powerful cameras that justify using them.   It's also very convenient to watch, edit, and upload your videos right away, whereas most action cameras don't even have display screens.  Finally, it's cheap!  You've already got the camera phone in your pocket, so just pick up a mount and you're ready to go.  Have you seen those DIY enthusiasts trying to mount their phones to helmets using duct tape?  Sometimes successful, sometimes not.  But with this mount called the Velocity Clip, you'll always be successful.  

iphone helmet mount adhesive phone samsung galaxy

Equipped with 1 Velocity Clip Clamp (tripod compatible) and 2 Sticky Mounts (1 Curved + 1 Flat)

The 3M double sided sticky adhesives are the exact same as GoPro (100% compatible).  These stickies are designed to withhold high speeds of wind and even rain.  They will not shake loose unless you intentionally pry them off.  They will also not effect the paint on your helmet or motorcycle dash.  The flat mount is designed for flat surfaces, while the curved mount is designed to stick to the curvature of your helmet (this will depend on the style of your helmet)

Find The Best Angle: Take Advantage of the 180 Degree Swivel

Film forward and backward with this mount, and make sure you adjust the angle to your preference.  When you're riding, most people look toward the ground, so naturally if the camera is facing straight parallel with the helmet, you'll be watching the beautiful ground the entire video.  So slightly angle it upwards maybe 20-30 degrees, then you'll be viewing the action in front of you.  

Put The Stickies On Any Helmet, or Any Hard Surface

The Stickies will fit onto motorcycle helmets, dirt bike, bicycle, skateboard, snowboard, and more.  Anything with a glossy hard finish, and you can bet the sticky will be secure.  If you like, you can also stick these onto car dashboard, car hoods, desks, tables, etc.  Get creative where you mount the Velocity Clip stickies, the more creative the angle, the more interesting the footage.  


 Fix To Any Tripod Adapter

Still got that old tripod sitting in your garage?  Well pull it out, because this smartphone mount can fit your brand new iPhone 6 plus or Samsung Galaxy onto it.  If you're riding your motorcycle or bike, set up the tripod and zoom past it for some good footage.  The Velocity Clip has the 1/4" - 20 tripod adapter that can fix to any standard tripod threads, such as suction cups, monopods, or any digital camera accessory.  So if you're set up with any of these accessories, then you're good to go.  



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