iPhone 6 Mountain Bike Mounts For Handlebars, Frame, and Stem

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Literally Mount Your iPhone 6 All Over Your Bike

Put your iPhone where you can use it for filming your bike rides, using GPS, or whatever other cycling apps that are on your device.  With the 3 locations to mount, you will certainly never miss an angle for an action shot!  We like to use our smartphones for filming our bike rides because it's exciting and we can share our fun rides with all our friends.  There's no need to go and buy an expensive action camera when there's one already sitting in your pocket, right?  Your smartphone is already full of HD and editing power, so why not utilize it. 

Here's 3 angles to get you started:

  1. Bike Handlebars - 180 degrees adjustable - hooks directly onto the left or right side of your handlebars, wherever you are most comfortable.
  2. Center Stem Mount - 360 degrees adjustable - this is dead center where the frame meets the stem handlebars (still considered the handlebars)
  3. Frame Mount - 360 degrees adjustable - right under your head during your rides.  This is a good angle for GPS and other apps if you don't really like having the entire unit sitting on top of your handlebars.

What's Included? What Size Handlebars And Frames Does it Fit?  

The clamp is the part that holds your phone securely.  The Stem / Frame mount are the exact same, just moving positions.  It fits up to 2" in diameter maximum.  You can adjust it to any size smaller than that.  The Bike Handlebar mount fits up to 1.25" in diameter and only faces in the front and rear direction.  You don't need to worry about the size because standard handlebar sizes are 1.25".  If you have an unusually sized bike handlebar, then you can always run to the hardware store and buy extensions.  These are standard screws found at any store.






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