iPhone 6 and 6 plus GPS Handlebar Mount For Bikes - Ride Record Share Your Videos

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A ridiculously easy mount that let's you film your bike rides and share the video with your friends.  

Says it all in the title!  This mount safely mounts your iPhone 6 to your bike handlebars so you don't have to worry during your ride.  Capturing videos of your ride is a piece of cake.  You also don't need to go out and buy an expensive camera to capture your favorite moments.  Your smartphone is already capable of doing that for you.  And a double whammy, you can edit and upload your videos right away straight from your phone.  Whoa!  Even edit cool after effects like sepia-tone... OK going a little far there.  Anyway, for the price of this mount, it's most definitely worth a try.  It could save you hundreds as opposed to buying an additional camera, and also will get you equal or better results.  

Waiting sucks.  That's why we built this mount.  To replace external action cameras like GoPro.  Eliminate the waiting time.

If you've had a friend who shoots with their GoPro camera, or even if you've done it yourself, then you know it's more than an inconvenience to get the finished video product.  First, you can't view your video right away.  So you have no idea what your video looks like, maybe you accidentally filmed the ground for 20 minutes, or maybe the camera accidentally turned off or battery died mid-shoot.  Well when you're shooting with your iPhone 6 plus, that all disappears.  Immediately after you're done riding, you get to watch, edit, and even upload your video right away at your desire.  


Actually, it fits all smartphones.  So when you upgrade your phone, you don't have to worry about buying a new mount.

To make it even better, not only does it fit all smartphones, but all protective cases.  So if you want to throw on a protective case for rain or shock, then the mount will accommodate the size.  If fits all widths and lengths of cases.  Heck, if you want to ride in the snow with your otterbox defender, go ahead.  Just make sure to also wear a protective jacket because you'll probably start freezing and ride slow so you don't spin out on the ice!  The mount itself is weather proof.  There's even other accessories that allow you to mount your phone to your chest, so you can even go swimming.  

Bonus Feature! Tripod Compatible

Yep, you can use this mount on any standard tripod you have laying around the house.  For filming bike rides, try setting up the tripod on the side of the trail, and riding past the camera lens really fast.  Or have the camera face the ride in the distance, while the rider slowly catches up to the lens, and speed it up to give it a cool effect.  This should make for some interesting footage.  


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