Camera Chest Rig Mount for DSLR. Works Great for Hands Free Filming

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Easy Way To Fasten Your Favorite DSLR Camera To Your Chest With This Harness.

Whether it's filming the action in front of you, or going for a hike, there's probably been more than one occasion where you've wished there was just some magical device that would hold onto the camera for a few minutes while you had your hands free.  Sometimes video directors need to use their hands to direct films, or if you're filming a how-to and want to demonstrate items in front of you, it's darn convenient to have a chest strap.  Standard tripods don't always work with the desired angle, and it's certainly a hassle to bring them with you on outdoor shoots. 


Angles are nice, but what about easy access?

Good keyword here, easy access. From the farthest picture on the right, you can see the user is about to start clicking around on his hardware menu.  All you need to do to access your camera functions, is simply angle the camera downwards 90 degrees, and the menu is all yours.  The simple knob adjustment gives you the ability to swivel this camera up to 120 degrees.  There's not a whole bunch of reasons to film the ground, but you certainly have the ability to!  Angling the camera down will let you watch, review, and even play around with your wireless settings if you're remote shooting from your phone.  

What about extreme sports, like cycling and dirt biking?

Although we'd love to tell you this mount can do it all, it's not big on extreme sports.  During intense activity, it will start to wobble and shake around.  The mount is designed to be light and strong, but this comes with limits.  Since it's light and durable, the heavy camera will start to bounce around if you are running.  Mild activities like outdoor shoots, hiking, walking, and body panning are all great for this mount.  It stays smooth and will give you a great picture from the POV angle of your body.  Use this DSLR Chest mount for mild and light activities.  If you want to do some crazy POV action sports, Check out the Velocity Clip & Chest Mount for all Smartphones, this allows for all extreme sports filming with your phone!


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