Velocity Clip makes your filming experience easy, it allows you to take your smartphone and film all your favorite activities from amazing angles, hands free.  Take your smartphone or compact digital camera to the next level.  This universal POV(point of view) camera system fits all smart phones and compact digital cameras(Android, iPhone, Sony);  allowing you to mount your smartphone device to your head, chest, or any hard surface.  Your smartphone is now a professional POV camera for a fraction of the price.  We give you all the possibilities, you decide how you want to film!

(3) Mounts included:

  • Head Mount - Adjustable to fit all sizes young and old.  Tightens to fit securely and keep your phone safe.  Adjustable swivel allows wide range of motion for different angles.  
  • Chest Mount - Adjustable for all sizes from small to extra large, even fits over motorcycle jackets.  
  • Gear Mount - Mount your phone anywhere you want!  Allows you to capture video from the top of motorcycle helmets, boat surfaces, car dashboards, or any other stationary surface with 3M sticky pads.   (warning: do not mount to airplane wing or space rockets).
  • 100% universal for all smartphones & compact digital cameras(Android, iPhone, Sony, Canon, Etc.)
  • Allows you to use your own smartphone covers & waterproof cases.
  • Attach your own wide angle lens, fish eye lens, or color lens.
  • Share & upload right away from your smartphone.
  • Suitable for the most extreme activities (skydiving, cliff jumping, mountain biking, snowboarding)
  • Patented rubberized grip - Keeps your smartphone safe and secure and vibration resistant.  Your smartphone is 100% secure in our mounts.  
  • Head Mount anti-vibration & comfort pad -  A sensitive and durable silicone pad behind the head mount makes the entire strap comfortable without sacrificing quality and stability.
  • Stability Shelf - patented shelf keeping your device 100% secure, and eliminating all possibilities of vibration.  
  • Reinforced nylon strapping - straps made from webbing unmatched in strength.  These same straps are made from materials that backpackers rely on to hold valuable life nourishing supplies supporting up to 100lbs for extended periods of time.  

Enter Velocity Clip

No more expensive video mounts.  No more waiting to arrive at an editing station to view your video.  No more need to buy extra accessories.  No more restrictions.  View your videos right away.  Share your videos right away.  No limitations.  It's time to change the industry.  It's time to get the value you deserve.  Enter Velocity Clip.  


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