The Benefits of Velocity Clip

It's inspiring

What does that mean? It means that our system makes it so easy to shoot and share pictures and video that you'll be inspired to get outside and do something awesome! Have you been meaning to go ride your bike, skydive, go surfing, or just take a walk? Your Velocity Clip will help you share all of those activities plus pretty much any others that you can think of. Did you know that your Velocity Clip can double as a GPS unit when you use it with your smartphone, the right app, and a gear mount?  Did you know you can stream your video feed live to millions of viewers?

The quality of our product

Above all else we have designed a high quality product that sets the standard in personal video devices. Velocity Clips are injection molded out of a high quality, high impact and weather resistant glass filled nylon polyurethane. Our nylon straps are thick and double stitched together. Velocity Clips are designed, assembled, and manufactured to last as long as you can imagine. They are tougher than the toughest nails you've seen. That's tough.  

It's universal

Sure, you can spend $199-$299 for the most common helmet camera on the market. You can spend $99+ for a personal mount for your iPhone. You can spend plenty more for other personal mounting systems, however you're limiting yourself with those. Helmet cameras are awesome, however once you've shot your videos and pictures what do you do with them? If you're like the rest of the world you want to upload them to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or whatever other site you prefer. With Velocity Clips you can instantly edit on your phone and upload your images and videos to your favorite social media site or message them to your friends. With other phone mounting systems you can shoot and save right then and there, however you have to remove your phone entirely from the mount (and the built in case), leaving your beautiful phone exposed and naked if you want to share or review your shots. With Velocity Clips you can keep your favorite case on while you review, share, and upload right in the middle of the action. Oh, you'd rather use your compact camera? We've got you covered. Toss it into a Velocity Clip and you're ready to go.

It's customizable

What does that mean?  

  • Use your own smartphone cover, finally you can sport your favorite pink leopard print case to the world!
  • Attach any lens cover to your camera: wide angle, fish eye, grey/color lenses, even use your camera zoom!  Just don't zoom in on anyone that's ugly. 
  • Slap on your favorite waterproof case, then go for a swim with the sharks!  You can be featured on shark week!(as bait)

It's affordable

A Velocity Clip with all of it's accessories costs on average half of your other personal video options. The entire system costs as much as some competitors accessories that we supply in the system! If you're a recreational enthusiast or a professional extreme sports athlete, we make it easy for you to afford our system. 

It's secure

Are you worried about losing your expensive helmet camera or your super sweet phone? No need to stress with a Velocity Clip, your phone or camera is gripped into the clip using a unique, multiple point adjustment system with integrated non-slip rubber. You know the rubber that professional athletes have on their gloves to make sure they hold onto the ball? Yeah, that's what we use. 

We're here for you

If you have any feedback or suggestions we are here to listen. This product is our passion and we are here to make sure it helps you share your passion, regardless of what it is. That's why we have a contact phone number listed on our site and a contact e-mail. We are here to hear your questions and comments and to make sure you're 100% satisfied with your Velocity Clip.

(510)237-5000 ext.12


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