iPhone 4, 5, and 6 GoPro Chest Mount For Great Action POV Videos

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How To Easily and Cheaply Mount Your iPhone To Your Chest:

Getting great POV videos with your smartphone is ridiculously easy and cheap with this mount.  It let's you film directly from your chest with a mount that is compatible with GoPro.  Simply grab this harness & phone clamp(Velocity Clip), fasten them together, and boom, you're done.   Filming from your chest works very well when riding bikes, going hiking, or simply just playing with your kids at the park.  Since the angle is always looking in front of you, it works universally with almost all sports.  

Works with All Smartphones and Cases

Whether it's an iPhone 4, 5, 6, or 6 plus, Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S4, S5, S6 or Note, you are covered.  It will also work on protective cases such as otterbox, lifeproof, pelican, colorized cases, and more.  Why not put some style on your protective case?  After all, it's part of your body now.  The great part about it being universal, is that if you want to upgrade your phone, you don't need to go and upgrade the chest mount, because you already know it's going to work fine.  Also, if you want to lend the chest mount to one of your friends, go ahead, it will certainly fit their phone.  Below is a quick how to guide:

Additional Benefits of Using Your Smartphone To Film Action POV footage

  • Convenience - With a smartphone, you don't need to run to a computer to watch the video files.  You can watch right away straight from your phone.  No hassle.  Most action cameras like GoPro don't even have display screens.  That's inconvenient!

  • Editing - Especially with your iPhone 6, chopping out all the boring scenes is a piece of cake.  Open up the editing program in your smartphone, and start creating the best video possible, all without needing to leave the sports bench!
  • After Effects - This goes with editing, but adding cool effects to your video can really make it pop.  Isn't it nice to be able to add those color and fast motion / Slo - Mo effects from the palm of your hand?
  • Thousands of Apps - There's so many capabilities you can use your phone for while filming: GPS pinpoint, live streaming, hyper-lapse from instagram, just to name a few.  Your smartphone is capable of so many things, utilize them!
  • Instant Uploads - The best feature, upload your videos right away.  You didn't shoot the videos for yourself right?  You shot them so you could share them with the world.  So upload them to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more in seconds.  Do it from your phone.  Again with the convenience, you don't need to run to a computer to make this happen.  
  • Cost - For about $50 bucks, you can mount your smartphone to your chest and tripods.  A GoPro Camera runs you about $200 minimum for a decent package without any additional mounting options.  Since you've already got a smartphone, you'll be saving big bucks while using this device.
  • Image Quality - Believe it or not, the quality on your iPhone 6 Plus camera not only shoots in 60FPS, but has better exposure quality than the GoPro and most other action cameras on the market.  Heck, your iPhone 6 Plus is one expensive piece of equipment, so it better perform better than a dingy $200 dollar camera!
  • Additional Mounts - With the Velocity Clip Chest Mount, it's compatible with the head mount accessory, adhesive mounts, bike mounts, and more.  Check out the product page for all the additional mounts.  

Toss Your Smartphone onto Any Tripod with The Velocity Clip


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