GoPro vs iPhone Video Quality

Posted by Andrew Cain at

We get asked all the time about the video quality of smartphones vs pov cameras like GoPro and Contour. There are a lot of variables in deciding which is better. These include, which device you own, the video settings of your device, and the conditions such as lighting, etc…


Your smartphone offers better video quality and features than a GoPro Camera

Overall we have concluded that most cell phones now offer better video quality than GoPro cameras. iPhone and Samsung both offer higher megapixels, faster fps (frames per second), more video quality control (if you are worried about running...

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GoPro® Too Expensive? Try This Unexpected Cheap Alternative

Posted by Swen Duerigen at

Sometimes buying a GoPro® can be overkill.  The Camera itself costs about $199.00 minimum for the basic package and any other accessories to enhance your mounting can run you over $300 easy.  How about using the smartphone that is bumping around in your jeans?  You read correctly.  Your smartphone shoots in 1080p which almost matches GoPro.  Well how do we mount it? Here's the cheap alternative to a GoPro camera,  the Velocity Clip for about 40 dollars.  If you're thinking there's no way my smartphone could be as powerful...

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